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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hair - its int always in inside problem

Okay so I have Health issues, Diabetes, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, Gilbert's syndrome.. Now one of the Symptoms of CLT is your Hair falls out.. So to battle this I take a vitamin that is good for Hair and nails: Pantagar

but everday I wake to tangle and matted hair that looks I have never used a brush in the world. I have tried to look at doll pictures to giet one that had hair like I would have in the mourn but no one ever had this... I couldnt brush dry because it was painfull... Most would cut the hair not me I had to shower and let conditioner sit for a while and then 1 hour of patiently comb my hair was brushed only for it to happen the next day... I thought it was my hair loss my illnesses... but then my local store was out of my shampoo and conditioner which is :
so I tried something new I saw in my local hair dresser that was being sold at my local store

Immediately I noticed a change. When I woke, my hair wasnt that bad tangled and the brush would go through it alot easier It has been a month and Now I wake and in only a few minutes I can brush my hair .. Dry My hair is healthier and I am loosing less.. So if you are having hair problems the problem may not be a inside problem (Health - diet) it could be as simple as the need to change your shampoo and conditioner

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Novy is back shaking her Hi-Ni on the Blog

So basically this thing has went dead as a door nail and I thought I would try to resuscitate it. What do I do? I spend my time crocheting and on FB my crafts folder

Friday, May 20, 2011

contest give away has a contest up which is real good since I am about to be a granny again :)

With one Grand Babay and one on the way this would be cool to win...

info: cut and pasted:

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Included you will find 20 skeins of Acrylic yarn (5 skeins per color: pink, green, yellow and white), an I/9 crochet hook, 2 buttons, a blunt needle, patterns and instructions.

Read the full review and get more details.

Win this Bundle of Joy All-in-One Kit! Included are 20 skeins of yarn, 1 hook, 2 buttons, 1 blunt needle and patterns.

We are giving away one Bundle of Joy All-in-One Kit. The deadline to enter is May 25, 2011 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. We’ll send an email to the winner, so please check to make sure your email address is entered correctly. You’ll get an extra entry for EACH of the following (that's THREE free extra entries):

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aug 17th 2009 Hölloch

Aug 17th 2009 Hölloch

Okay when my sister in law and her family visited we took them to the caves here. (a href="">Hölloch) I have been to the calk caves near stugart but this was my fist time here. I was a bit worried because in Stutgart caves they were closing and I couldnt get up the long steps fast enough for the people who work there.. It had been a long way down and I didnt realize it would be so hard going back up the steps...

I think that fear, the fact that unlike Stutgart caves it was dark and had no lights and very little (nearly none) rails for you to hold on to is what caused my panic attack...

Never in my life had I had an attack like that of extreme fear...

Denis was great btw...

So here is how the story begins...

So at first wasnt so bad we all got hard hats with lights...
Denis putting on his helmet
everyone got one

Then we had to climb the side of the gully to get to the mouth of the cave... At first it was okay after while it was a bit hard on me and I didnt like that the railing was a rope along the edge wall
going to cave
the cave entrance
a long way down
outside cave gullly heading to cave

I had to stop a few times to catch my breath...

Then we got to the cave and went in..

cave mouth
getting ready... it was cold so wear a sweater

At first I was fine going down in that black cave with nothing to hold on to.. but at the main steps down ward, I began remembering the other cave and how slippery it was and hard it was to get back up.. added with the dark and only a head light on my hat lighting the way and no hand rails I began to become hysterical... Saying this was stupid and I was stupid for trying this I freaked and cried and Denis stayed with me holding me saying its okay... he let me hang on to him going down and I did it I went down into those caves and back up ...

I am real glad I did and the getting up wasnt as hard as I remember in stutgart.. It was beautiful

There are a few videos that I will upload and then you can see better I think or well hear...
its dark
Höller can fill with water fast
it was very dark
it was very dark
it was very dark
cave dwellers
cave dwellers
cave dwellers
cave dwellers
getting to the end where the mouth is
denis after
denis after

Now the pictures don't give you as much an idea....

but the videos...

Going up to cave mouth

Taking a break we arent even half way up yet...

At the mouth of the cave

when I said dark I meant it!!!!

I mean really really DARK and here that sound its wind coming through the caves from between the cave walls and its strong if you pass between them going from one cave "room" to another


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Proof that Aretha Franklin is a fairy tale princess

Well according to disney and enchanted a real princess can sing to the animals and they come running and sing back.

Today I was cleaning and heard what sounded as if Wulfgar is playing with his squeeze ball but I knew he was in the other room so I went outside and there was a little finch singing to my radio. Aretha Franklin was on...

So there you go proof...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sing a long

Lori singing on her last night in SwitzerlandJuly 18 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a wonderful visit

I had a wonderful 6 weeks with my Daughter Psycho monkey.
She arrived on time and tired. She showed me her My space.

For the first week we had a daughter/mother week. Shopping, nails and hair... Plus Starbucks.. She got me hooked

Sadly her and my perm didnt stay. Hers fell out in 2 days so I wont go back. For those who live around Zürich don't have your hair permed at the place in Sihl City Mall.

She came around the Euro-Soccer Champ... So She and I cheered for Switzerland with other fans.

We stood at the Train station watching the big screen tv from a crowded street. This woman seem to have the best seat out there.
We were having fun then it rained... Psycho was still having fun dancing in the rain and the crowd left leaving us a TV all to ourselves. We were drenched in this icy rain
Sadly Swiss Loss...

By the time we walked to where the trains were being re-routed Psycho's lips were turning blue

We took her to france and I haven't uploaded all the pictures but there are some of her first weeks on my space. And a few more on Wulfgar's page

Wulfgar had his first beach trip and swam with Psycho in the cold English channel on the french side..
Here is her freezing as she tries to cheer him on..

We went to a famous road in France that is covered by the sea except for 2 times a day.

We surprised her and took her to Hollan as we visited some members of my WOW guild

I was trying to feed her icecream

We took her to Munich Germany where I once lived and visited some friends of mine. It was Christopher Street day

The biggest fun we had was exploring Benglen and the mossy fern gully. We even discovered a new one
Toward the end I was wishing I had more time to spend with her.

Psycho wearing a traditional Bavarian Dress. Mine actually before the CLT
Here she is trying Rösti a swiss delicacy.

I have more pictures and videos I will upload later...